Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self Portrait 5-26

Self Portrait 5-26
Originally uploaded by Arclight Images

After a no-show model (If I had a dollar every time that happen, this would have been shot with a D3) I decided it was self-portrait time !!

Lighting - Dynalite in a stripbox camera left and behind...Dynalite in a large softbox (with black paper covering 2/3rds of it to make a stripbox) camera right and behind....SB600 in a westcott shoot thru umbrella above and slightly left....silver reflector for fill camera right....SB900 with CTO gel set to 1/16 behind my head and pointed at Botero 023 grey collapsible background.
Retouching in Lightroom (nothing weirder than staring at your own face magnified 10x)